How to import an existing user list

If you hold an existing users list you can import it in B2meet, but there are few things to learn before uploading that file.

  • before you can import the file, you have to create at least one actor
  • the required file format is CSV.
  • you have to import one file for each actor. If your CSV file includes users that are different actors, you have to divide it in two separate files.
  • the file need at least the four mandatory fileds that are name, surname, company name and email address. Please remember that when you create an actor you can decide which fields are public so that if you do not have any “company name” value, you can fill that column with “x” values and keep it hidden. The email address field is always hidden for the visitors.
  • If you want to assign your passwords to the users, you can import them as other fields. Please note that the password must be at least 5 characters long and that the username will be the email address of each users.
  • If your CSV file includes columns that you don’t want to import, don’t worry. You’ll be able to neglet them before the import process starts

During the first step of the import process you’ll be asked to:

  • select the actor that refers to the file you are importing
  • select the file from your hard disk
  • select the CSV delimiter
  • select the CSV enclosurer

During the second step of the import process you’ll be asked to:

  • define the fields correspondence
  • define the defalut language for the users you are importing. This is the language used in the event B2meet page and in the system emails. Users will be able to change this setting later by themselfs

You can also import field with multiple values: for example if your product field can contain “nails”, “hammers”, “screws” and a user is interested in both nails and hammers, you can import that field by separating the values using the special sequence \* (backslash followed by star). For example product will contain: nails\*hammers

At the end of the process the system will show you a detailed report about imported and non imported users so that you can understand if there was any problem during the import process.  In case of any error, a .txt file containing the import logs will show you where the errors were. Now the imported users are in the system, visible or not depending on your choice during the actor creation. If you want these users to be actively operative, you have to send them the password to enter your event B2meet page. You can do it clicking on the “send password” button that you can find clicking the “users” link in the left menu. Until they won’t recive the password, the’ll only be able to receive meeting requests. Take a look of the tutorial video