Tutorial: step 1, 2 and 3 (presentation, location and appearance)

Step 1 – Presentation This is the first step of the setup for your event B2meet page. Other than the event name, you can add a subheading and the url of your official website. Those info will be showed in your event B2meet home page. The standby text is the text that the system will show in the period included among the day you publish the page and 30 days before the event opens. “30 days before the event opens” is the first day people can start asking for appointments. With the standard configuration you can’t publish your B2meet page more than 90 days prior the event opening day. If you need different time ranges, please contact us. The time zone to set is the one of the city where your event is going to take place. It is important to avoid confusion between different countries partecipants. We ask you to set opening days and hours because the system need those info to work properly, but we won’t show these data to the public.  If you want you can do it later using the description box. During the step nr 6 you’ll be able to set up also specific time ranges for the meetings. If your event last more than one day, you can set different opening hours for each day. To add days, click on the “+ add date” button.   Step 2 – Location

Here you have to set the event location address. The address will be showed in the left column of your event B2meet page. If you want you can also decide to show a Google map.
Step 3 – Appearance
You can customize your event B2meet page adding some images that will help you to have the same look&feel of your corporate image.  To get better results, please consider these limits:

  • Logo image: 250×250 pixel, max 500kb, JPG or PNG format
  • Header image: 1100×200 pixel, max 500kb, JPG or PNG format
  • Email header: 600×60 pixel, max 100kb, JPG or PNG format

You can also customize the side backgound color of the page and the menu lettering color.

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