Exhibition fair organizer

Why B2meet is a powerful tool for exhibition fair organizers?

Since the beginning, exhibition fair events are a great opportunity to meet people and get new business networkings. With the last developments, the exhibition industry has been evolved to support exhibitors and visitors needs: less importance to huge exhibition stand outfittings and more space for the substance with specific moments and places to promote business networking. Since the available time for event participants is even lower, it is a primary need to allow visitors and exhibitors to prepare the exhibition fair in advance.   Thanks to B2meet, attendees will be able to ask for a meeting since some days before the opening day, avoiding the problem to look for and try to contact for the first time the person they would like to meet during the conference. That’s a real value added for your exhibition fair visitors and exhibitors! You’ll be able to define by yourself the criteria that define what kind of attendees can ask for a meeting to one or more attendee type suing B2meet. Just for example:

  • a visitor can ask for a meeting to an exhibitor
  • an exhibitor can ask for a meeting with another exhibitor
  • an exhibitor can’t ask for a meeting with a visitor

It’s your own choice…

Please remember that each exhibitor can have more than one user. In this case there will be several users of the same exhibiting company.

What’s the best B2meet package to fit my needs?

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