Tutorial: step 7, 8 and 9 (matchmaking table, organizer, publish)

Step 7 – Matchmaking table

With the matchmaking table you can decide which actor can ask appointments with other actors.
The actors in the row can ask for appointments with the actors in the columns.
In this sample an exhibitor can ask for an appointment only to another exhibitor and a visitor can ask for an appointment only to an exhibitor. The actor “speaker” can’t ask and can’t receive any appointment request.

Step 8 – Organizer

Here you can add event organizer data. You can decide to show them to the public or not. Even if you decide not to public these data, people will be able to contact the organizer by filling the contact form.
The email address that is required in this step is the one you want to use to receive the system notifications related to this event.
The fiscal address is required if and when you will decide to buy and upgrade, so that we’ll be able to create the invoice and send it to your email address.

Step 9 – Publish

If you filled all mandatory steps and fields, you can publish your event B2meet page or you can decide to keep it hidden until a certain time.
Even before publishing the page, you can always take a look of the preview clicking on the “Public Url” link in the left menu.