Tutorial: step 4 (actors)

Step 4 – Actors The actors are the user categories that you want to allow to use the system, just like attendees, exhibitors, visitors and so on. You can add each actors different properties. Only once you created the actor/s it will be possible to add the users.

After the actor name (for example”exhibitor”, “visitor” or “buyer”….) you can add a description that will appear:

  • at the top of the registration form that users will have to fill if you decide to make users registering by themselves
  • during the user search, after the actor selection.

If you want you can also add a short description that will appear near to the actor name in the search combo box.

When you create an actor you have to add at least one reference to your privacy policy. You can add a link to your exhisting privacy policy or you can add the text of that privacy policy. It’s your choice.  When a user is registering by filling the registration, the system will ask a mandatory acceptance for your privacy policy. If you import the users, they’ll never see this link or text.

The “Post-registration text” is the optional text you can show after the user fills the registration form. Please remember that we’ll always show a message that:

  • asks the user to check its mailbox to activate the registration (in case you do not choose the auto-activation option)
  • invite the user to use B2meet (in case you choose the auto activation option)

If you do not have specific needs, you can leave the field empty or you can use a simply message like “Thank you for registering”. Maximum number of appointments: if you want, you can set a maximum number of appointments that can be required by an actor. You can also independently manage this limit for a specific user. Notification email: this is the email address you want to allow receiving a notification each time a user is registering. When you are setting the actor you can select several options:

  • Public subscription: select this option if you want to publish the registration form on your B2meet event page. If you don’t select this option, you still can transmit the registration form link to your private contacts. The standard registration form have 4 mandatory fields: name, surname, company name and email address. Once you create an actor you’ll be able to customize its registration form adding new fields.
  • Auto activation: selecting this option, users will be immediately active after thei registration. If you don’t select this option, users that filled the form will receive an activation email to confirm their registration. Auto activation is a quicker process but please consider the risk of a wrong email address that would block the system usage since it uses email addresses (even if keeping them hidden) to deliver requests and answers.
  • Send notification: select this option if you want to receive an email each time someone fills a registration form for your event as this actor.
  • Can host appointments: use this option if you want that this actor can have meetings at its own position or at a position of another actor with same option allowed. For example, during an exhibition fair you can allow this option for exhibitors (because they have an exhibition booth) while during a conference you won’t allow this option to attndees since they don’t have their own place. In any case you can create a dedicated place for the meetings in the step 5 – places..
  • In participants list: if you select this option, the list of this actor’s users will be visible in your event B2meet page. For example, in an exhibition fair you could decide to publish the exhibitors list but not the visitor list. In this case you’ll create 2 actors (vistors and exhibitors) since also visitors will be required to register to contact exhibitors asking for an appointment.

Once you create an actor you’ll be able to customize its registration form adding new fields other than the manadatory and standard ones (name, surname, company name and email address). About the registration form visibility you can decide to use one ore more of those options:

  • transmit the registration form link by email to a your contatc list
  • publish the registration form link in your event B2,eet page
  • keep the link hidden and allow only imported users to use the system

If you want to create an actor that must have a profle very similar to another actor, you can save time using the “clone” feature. You will create with only one click an actor with the same specs of the one you have just cloned, so that you will only have to modify its name and in case of need other fields. If you need more users than the number included in your package, you always can upgrade that package clicking on the “upgrade” button in the left menu of your admin page. Go to tutorial: step 5 and 6 (places and matching slots)