How to create a customized form

If you want the users to be able to register by themself, you have to provide them a registration form. You can do it publishing the form in your event B2meet page and/or sending the registration form link to a contact list.

Please remember that when you create an actor the system automatically creates a registration form with 4 mandatory fields (name, surname, company name and email address). When you customize the for you do not have to create those fields. During the customization, you will be required about:

  • Field name: you have to choose a name for the field. This name will be showed in the same way to everyone, regardless thier language preference. If you need to refer also with people that prefer another language, you can create a double language field name like “Settore/Industry” ore”Ruolo/Role” and so on.
  • Field visibility: you can decide to show or not the content of this field in the user list (if you decided to show that list). If you choose “Only the organizer” only you can read this field content.
  • Mandatory or not: you can decide to have this field as mandatory or not. If yes, nobody can register without filling this field.
  • Extended search: for each field you can decide to show it or not in the extended search. For example, if you have the field “street address” it could make no sense to allow a user search by “street address”.
  • Answer options: if you want a close-ended answer, you have to enter the possible options here.
  • Multiple answer: choosing this option you will enable multiple answers for your question. Don’t select this option if you want users to choose only one of your proposed options.