How to choose the best package for your needs

There are several B2meet packages that differ in the number of  users, places and actors . You can learn the differences taking a look at the pricing page in The free package that you can get simply filling the registration form has the same features of each other package. Only the limits are lower. For your best choice, it is important to understand the number of users limit. It stands for the number of person you want to allow using B2meet and does not necessarily fits the total number of your event participants. Let’s  take two cases

  1. You are a conference organizer and you want every attendee to be able to ask for an appointment with other attendees, In this case you need a package with a number of users at least equal to your forecast in terms of attendees number.
  2. If you are an exhibition organizer, and you wish attendees and exhibitors being able to sent meeting requests to exhibitors. In this case you should take care about these items::
    • Each exhibitor could have more than one person available for the meetings and each person counts as a user for the B2meet service.
    • Not all the attendees will want to send meeting requests, so not all the attendess will need to use the B2meet service

In any case, don’t worry!

  • if and when you are going to reach your user package limit, the system will send you an alert message
  • you will always be able to quickly upgrade your package by yourself
  • when you buy a package, you pay only the price difference between your package and the next one