How to ask for a meeting

You can ask for a meeting to all the participants that shows the “appointment” button.

  • Once you find the person, click on “appointment”
  • if the event lasts more than none day, select the day you prefer
  • choose the hour. The system will show you only the time slots that are not in use for other appointments for you or for the required person.
  • choose the place among the available ones
  • write a message that explains the reason for your request
  • send your request

Now the requested person will receive a notification email with your meeting proposal and can answer accepting, refusing or proposing a new schedule. Once the person answers, you will receive a notification email with the answer. You can always take a look of your appointment list in your “my agenda” page, that is reachable after the autentication. Here you can also send a cancellation notification or a reschedule request for already confirmed appointments.