Often conferences are organized to be held during events: speeches, demos, various tracks, etc. B2meet can hel you fulfill this need. You can access the function using the Conferences link in the left menu. You can specify the conference title, long description, place, speakers, schedule and several options as follows: User registration: if needed you can give to the users the chance to register to a conference. Users will have a Register button along the conference details: when clicked (and confirmed) the user will be recorded for attendance and she will receive an email containing the conference details and an appointment attachment, so that she can easily add it to their device/Outlook personal calendar. User can unregister from the conference if they need. Registration notification: optionally, the organizer can receive an email for each user registering. The option is available per-conference. The email contains information about the user who registered and the seat availability of the location. Even if the organizer opted out from this function, when 90% of available seats is reached the email is sent. Room capacity management: it is possible to set the maximum capacity of a place where the conference is held, to avoid overbooking and better manage the needs. If you set the limit to 0 (default) there is no limit. There’s an option to show (or not) the number of available seats instead of the generic “Seats available” information. Conference visibility: each conference can be:

  • Invisible: this is the default option, used during conference detail configuration
  • Visible to registered users: only registered users can see the conference listed
  • Visible to all: the conference is visible to the general public on the public page of the event

When conferences are visible to the public they contain the metadata needed to Google to index them as an “Event”, so that they are properly indexed and better search results are available. For more information see Google’s documentation. You can integrate the event list with external sites (or applications) using different methods:

  • HTML Embed : B2meet provides a plain HTML table (with english or italian headers, you choose) with no formatting. In this way the table will inherit your site formatting. Also each table item has its own custom tag so you can further customize it.
  • REST API: returns a JSON array containing the events, so you can flexibly display them where needed, or transfer them to an app.

Using conference you have a single point to manage the information and have the ability to send them to other applications with minimal effort and no duplications.

The organizer can monitor the realtime status of each conference: