How to add users in B2meet

Before users can register or be imported in B2meet, you need to create user categories (actors) and their properties. Users can enter B2meet in three different ways:

  1. importing an exhisting users list: if you already have a user list you can upload it in B2meet, without asking these users to register. You can also assign these users the same passwords they use to acces in some other systems like your website private area, or you can allow B2meet to create a new password for them. Click here to learn how to import an exhisting users list
  2. registration by user itself: other than or instead of the import, you can publish a registration form that allows users to register by itself. When you create an actor the system automatically creates a registration form that includes 4 mandatory fields: name, surname, company name and email address. Once the actor has been created, you can customize the registration form that fits your needs, adding fields with custom features (mandatory or not, open or close-ended answer, multiple choice…). About the form visibility you can decide to:
    • send the registration form link by email to a specific contact list
    • publish the registration form link in your event B2meet page.
    • keep the registration for hidden and allow only imported users to use B2meet
  3. handling registrations from your admin area: other than or instead of the points 1 and 2, you can register new users filling the registration form from the “users” area in the left menù. If you want to send an email with the password to enter B2meet to the new user, after you create it please click on the “send credentials” button in the right menu of each user row in the users table.