Basic setup

The setup of your B2meet event page is divided in 9 easy steps. A standard setup requires less than 5 minutes! In each configuration step you can:

  • save your work and remain in the same page;
  • save your work and go to next step;
  • skip that step and go to the next one (only step nr. 1 do not have this possibility, so if you want to take a look of other steps and you are still not sure about the required info, you can insert provisional data and come back later to fix it).

You can always come back to complete, modify or update the contents of each step. The configuration status is evidenced in the left menù by the color of the number that signs each step:

  • if the number is orange on white background (e.g. number_todo_pit means that the step is missimg something;
  • if the number is white on orange background (e.g. number_done_p)  it means that at least mandatory data has been added.

Using these links you’ll enter the detailed tutorial for each configuration step